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Many online marketers have predicted that in some industries Content Marketing would be overtaken by big data. However, in the e-commerce sector Content Marketing still takes the first place on the podium.

In a recent research of Smart Insights, marketers were asked what would have the biggest impact in the e-commerce industry in 2015. Below, you can find the results:

Content is key to success. However, content needs to be created first and then needs to be properly used to have impact. Therefore we give you some tips on how to make your content profitable.

There Is More Than One Type of Content

Relationship building content is what many people think of when they hear Content Marketing. This form of content can be published through a blog, Instagram, YouTube or other platforms that are designed to attract visitors, to gain their trust and to present you as an expert in your field.

Good content should not contain your sales text. It can, for example, refer to your products, but it should mostly consider general issues, advice, guidelines and new ways of thinking about industry-related issues.

The so-called Transitional Content is developed to allow customers to switch from brand familiarity to the stage of product search and eventually to the product purchasing stage. A good example of a company that creates Transitional Content is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has created multiple sub websites which are not only informative but also entertaining. Some examples of the Coca-Cola’s campaigns are The Ahh, Coca-Cola freestyle and Share A Coke.

Use Videos and Pictures

Writing blog posts and frequently asked questions is helpful, however, it is not the only way you can use content. According to Video Brewery 45 percent of the Internet users have watched at least one online video during a one month period of time. There are approximately 100 million Internet users who watch at least one online video every day. 90 percent of online shoppers find videos helpful when they make online purchases.

That is why it is important to think carefully about the possibilities of using videos. Videos can be used in an instructive way or to as product presentations in order to bind potential customers. In addition, the same goal can be achieved through usage of Instagram or Snapchat.

A good example of companies that bind customers through videos are Red Bull and Blendtec. Blendtec, for example, has more than 830,000 subscribers on its You Tube channel. Quite good for a blender producer, right?

Use Instructional Content

Almost all companies try to get likes, followers and clicks or to draw the customer’s attention. Your company must be quite appealing to make people take any of these actions. However, when you create instructional content and people find that content interesting, then you do not even have to ask them for likes. The likes will follow naturally.

Stimulate Clients Reviews

Who can better tell something about your brand than a customer who has already purchased your product or service? Nowadays, customer reviews are a crucial element for the decision making of online shoppers. A research of Dutch Cowboys shows that 92 percent of the surveyed online shoppers read customer reviews before they commit to buying anything. That means that people prefer to read the opinion of other online shoppers before they trust a company and make a purchase.

There is always a possibility that you will get a negative feedback. Remember that you can use negative feedback as an extra impulse to show the quality of your customer service. If you have no customer reviews, however, potential customers can choose to make a purchase at your competitor.

For now, the motto Content is King will still remain true. If you take the right actions and make the right decisions now, it will definitely pay off in the future.