social media tips

Social media are perfect channels to create an online community. Thanks to social media channels it is possible to start a conversation about interests you have in common with your audience. Have you ever had difficulties creating a customer community and customer bonding? Read our 6 simple tips on how to create content that allows you to start a conversation. It will help you to get started, even if you do not have any breaking news to share.

#1 Ask questions

Almost anyone can be your brand’s ambassador. Hence, it is important for you to ask questions. This will create a possibility for your audience to respond, to share their opinion or to get to know each other.
By inviting your readers to a conversation about a product, you give them the feeling that you care about them and that their opinion counts. In addition, by talking to your audience you will also gain insight into the way your customers think. Both types of information are extremely useful, and can then be integrated into your marketing strategy.
For example, you can let your customers guess what will be the next product in your webshop and then you can raffle a prize for the winner.

#2 Content with a sense of humour

Lots of people scroll pointlessly through their Facebook walls to look for entertaining content. Make sure that you offer a distraction for these potential customers by sharing appealing content. If you put a smile on somebody’s face followers will naturally visit your social media accounts.

#3 Show who you are

Not only your potential customers are checking your “About” page, Google does also. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a personal “About” page. This way people immediately know who is behind the company and what the motives of company’s team are. Are you an owner? Express yourself. Give some personal information. Are you a marketeer? Give a sneak peek behind the company’s scenes.


People love quotes and they get inspired by them. And who would be inspired but would not share that with others? No one! Quotes are extremely popular and they should definitely be part of your social media campaign.

#5 Repost evergreen content

Content spreads through social media with the speed of light. If you continue to share regular news you will not stand out from the crowd and your messages will disappear among the other plain content. Do you have any information, blog post or news in your archive that is still relevant ? Then, share it, once again! Those who have not read that post or message will surely appreciate this move. You can also share the same content with new groups of people in order to attract new potential customers.

#6 Help the relevant content

Imagine: You have read an article that you know will be found interesting by your audience. Then, why not to share it with them? Forwarding attractive content gives your social media a boost.
Be aware of what kind of blogs would interest your customers and leads. Then, share the relevant posts with your readers. This way you provide your audience with valuable content and you create a strong relationship with them.
If your readers find an article shared by you valuable, they will share it with their network. Through “the share-cycle” your social media channels are in the spotlights of a wider audience. That is worth trying out, right?