In this ever more digitalized and automated world it sounds almost archaic when you tell someone that you would like to become a writer or a translator. The creation of content and its editing is however more relevant than ever. After all, the internet exists because we create words which we feel are worth sharing with others. The digital world exists of zeroes and ones, and words. Our words.

Since Simply Translate was founded, it has been on the lookout for new talent. New translators, new brilliant writers, but also professionals who like to work with languages besides their daytime job. Although each freelancer is different, there is a set of characteristics to be found among good translators and writers.

Because most of the team members at the office have either been active as a translator or have a great passion for language, it is not hard to distinguish these characteristics.


Whereas one translator will never say it out loud and the other indicate it in every e-mail they send, we recognize the passion for language in almost all our translators. Whereas some of them have learned a second or even a third language out of interest, others are raised bilingually and can easily switch between languages. They are working with language and shape their words until the text sounds appealing and reads pleasantly, something that will make every client proud.

2. Client Orientation

Obviously every translator has his or her own writing style. Whereas one will be poetic, the other one will be more direct. As soon as a translator takes on a project from a specific customer the service reaches beyond nicely phrased sentences and translations without spelling and grammar mistakes. The translator puts him- or herself in the shoes of the client; What does the client need? What does he or she want to achieve? Who is being addressed? This is the process during which great translators distinguish themselves. A text can be written very poetically, if it is not aimed at the right audience, the text will not serve its purpose.

3. Confidence

It is logical that a translator is uncertain or in doubt sometimes. Especially when they have to provide a text for a new client. That is called a healthy dose of tension. That is also what keeps translators sharp. The challenge is to constantly develop, grow and improve as a translator. This stimulates the translator to keep on going. The confidence of a translator increases during the cooperation with a client. In time, the translator and client will become well-attuned to each other.

4. Practice

You do not become a professional translator just like that. It is not like a translator can call him- or herself an all-rounder after translating a text. Creating strong content and commanding different writing techniques comes from practice. When worked with multiple types of texts, the translator learns what clients want and his or her own ‘art’ is. As a translator it is important to keep within your own abilities and strengths.

5. Discipline

The translation industry is characterized by tight deadlines. As a translator, you should not only be able to respond quickly to translation requests, it is also of importance that you maintain a certain pace in your work without jeopardizing the quality. As goes for commanding different writing techniques, practice makes perfect when it comes to developing and strengthening these skills.

6. Dare to ask

As a translator you have to deal with a wide variety of topics. From advertisement leaflets about telecom products to the latest fashion items of online stores. Logically it happens that a translator comes across a topic he or she is not comfortable with. Precisely then it is admirable that the translator dares to ask. Often the client is able to explain the meaning of a word or phrase within a short amount of time. The short lines of communication between a translator and a client make sure that the communication does not become a barrier or an obstacle.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, there are obviously still many features that are unique to every translator, writer or copywriter. Based on the needs of our customer Simply Translate always matches the most suitable translator to that translation job. An unique matching system that has brought our company where we are now: Proud of our services and proud of our translators.